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WITS is released - Monday, February 8, 2010


February 2010
Finally a Warehouse Management System to suit smaller operations
Do you manage a small to medium sized warehouse with a cumbersome, low-tech stock tracking system that you'd like to replace ?
Do the warehouse management systems that you've looked at have too many bells and whistles and a price tag to suit?
If you answered yes to these questions, then this new WMS may be just what your warehouse needs.
WITS is the new Warehouse Management System from TallShips Solutions. It has been designed and built by a company with more than 30 years of experience installing systems at the top end of the warehousing and distribution market. They’ve used this extensive knowledge base to create a system that has all the functions that you will need to easily and efficiently streamline the operations of your warehouse, but without the complications of features that are of little use to the majority of businesses like yours.
What does WITS stand for? Not Warehouse Inventory Tracking System as you’d perhaps expect. WITS is actually an acronym for What’s in the Shed. 
WITS designers, TallShips Solutions Pty Ltd, say that’s exactly what operators at this end of the market want to know. “In a nutshell,” explained Doug Stracey, Managing Director of TallShips Solutions, “these companies want to know what’s already in their shed, where it is, what’s coming in and going out and what happened last month and the month before.” And, that’s what WITS delivers. It is a no-nonsense, easy to operate system that’ll do everything you want it do, and probably a few more things you haven’t thought of yet. And, the really good news is that it’s affordable.
What’s more there’s no complex set up and endless modelling before you go live. You buy it, download it and away you go. Nothing could be easier. Without a doubt, WITS is the solution for you. Have a look at it, go to
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